About the Area

K & D Rentals are located in Crumpler West Virginia in the Heart of the Hatfield McCoy and Outlaw Trails.

Once you arrive at your unit and unload your ATV there is no reason to load them again until your visit is over.

The Hatfield McCoy Indian Ridge Trailhead is 1 ½ miles away. It has connectors to the Pocahontas, Pinnacle Creek, and Warrior Trail Systems. These trails cover hundreds of miles of challenging trails located in Southern West Virginia. Also, within 2 miles of your unit you are in the heart of the Outlaw Trails. The Outlaw trails are known to be challenging and kept up only by nature.

Points of Interest

  • Historic Bramwell West Virginia (The Millionaire Coal Barron Town)
  • The VIEW on Burke Mountain
  • The Goldfish Pond
  • Wild Horses
  • Miles and Miles of Picturesque trails
  • Pinnacle Creek which a wilderness creek with 20 creek crossing and mud bogs along the trail
  • Riders Paradise (Bar and Grill)
  • The Trestle (old abandoned train trestle)
  • 4-Way or Beer Can Alley
  • Pinnacle Rock
  • Wagon Wheel
  • Tool Rock
  • Abandoned mine openings

Guide Service

Want expert knowledge of every trail backroad and creek in these mountains? Meet Ken Bailey. He'll be your guide, granting you a memorable and knowledgable visit to Crumpler's mountains.

What we do

As you visit points of interest in the Crumpler area, we trust you'll find a place to kick back and relax with K and D Rentals. We're all about providing our visitors with clean, quality living while you enjoy the wonders of the mountains.